Saturday, January 27, 2007

Oh Target

Target can be a dangerous. And by dangerous I mean you can walk in intending to only buy two things and you walk out an hour later with 23 things and a much emptier wallet.

For example, take today. I went to Target with the intention to buy a heater for my room and a CD for my mom's belated Christmas gift. But I'm sorry, even people with the best willpower in the world can hardly control themselves. Target has EVERYTHING. Literally. It must be one of the only places you can buy milk, a digital camera, a bathroom rug, a video game, and a bed comforter all in the same trip. Crazy.

So there I was, lost in my happy place, looking at a million things I don't need but suddenly seemed very important to have. "Well, I DO need a new umbrella...and while I'm here I should get a new watch since my last one died. Oooo look at the fun jewelry over there! Ok, Sarah...FOCUS. Mom's CD. Hmmm....I wonder why they have all the CD's, DVD's, and books togeth....oh, I've been looking for that book! And it's so cheap!" You get the picture.

I don't know if I'm the only one with this problem in Target. Seriously, that place is dangerous. Soon they'll probably dim the lights, take away all clocks, and cover the windows like they do in casinos so we don't know how much time we've been in there and we keep shopping for random stuff we think we need. They might even have ladies going around to shoppers taking drink orders. Oh Target...

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