Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy New Year (a bit early)

The last two weeks have been so great. I drove down to So. Cal the week before Christmas and spent 7 glorious days away from work and life. I got to see a ton of friends who live down there - yeah! Here are my highlights:

* the drive down and back. That may sound strange but it was great thinking, praying, processing time for me. Maybe you guys are the same way.

* beautiful sunny, cold weather the whole week!

* watching Elf and eating Christmas cookies with my old roomate. And playing with her big ol' golden retreiver, Gus.

* going on morning "Walk/Talks" with friends

* San Diego Zoo! Wow, I hadn't been there in 10 years. Way too much fun. The hippos are probably my favs. I got to feed giraffes some treats and they had the longest and slimiest tongues I've ever seen. LOVED it.

* Sleeping, sleeping, and um...more sleeping.

* Driving to Torrance and seeing the lights. There is this famous neighborhood that goes all out, so on Christmas Eve Eve, my best friend from college, her husband, and I drove to check 'em out. Strangely, while we were waiting in line, two cars in front of us ran into each other and the two cars in back of us ran into each other...but our car was fine. But that's another story. Anyway, it was amazing! Lights, Santas, nativity scenes, trees, fake snow blowing, music playing, families in front of their homes selling hot chocolate, mistletoe, popcorn, wreaths, etc. I could have stayed all night.

I was actually pretty bummed to drive back Christmas Eve. Not because I don't love my life here...but because I love vacation. It's so restful and relaxing. I feel like it re-energizes my soul.

So I came home for the midnight Christmas Eve service at my church and then drove to my parent's house Christmas Day. Always good times with my fam at the holidays. These times usually include three or more of the following: a) yummy food b) laughter c) cramped sleeping quarters (when we were kids, it was fine. But now we're all HUGE!) d) movies (either renting or going out to see them) e) typical family annoyances (everyone can attest to this one, I'm sure) f) games g) morning gatherings in the kitchen, hanging out and talking in our pjs h) sometimes all of the above

I went to work Wed. and Thurs. but I was still sort of in La-La Vacation Land. So starting Tuesday Jan. 2nd, the real work begins. I feel more ready for it now.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a happy new year!

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