Saturday, November 04, 2006

Tired, but good

Hi everyone,

Sorry it's taken me so long to write about D-land. I have been SO tired this week! I never realized how exhausting and draining it is to plan and lead a weekend adventure for 23 people. Now I know. Apart from being one of the drivers there and back, not sleeping much, organizing the group, and walking around all day at the Magic body is still adjusting to Daylight Savings time ( clock says 11:00 pm but my body feels like it's midnight). So this week I've been catching up on my sleep.

But enough of that! Let me tell you about the trip. First off, it was fun. It was a great time bonding with students, especially ones I don't normally get to hang out with or talk to. The park was super crowded becaue it was the Saturday before Hallowen, but it was all decorated, which was cool. We "Fast-Passed" everything (where you can scan your ticket in a box, come back to the ride awhile later, and not have to wait in line) so I don't think we ever waited in a line for more than 15 minutes.

For some students, they hadn't been to Disneyland since they were kids (or EVER) so it was neat to watch them experience everything for the first time. We went on all the fun rides, ate lots of yummy food, watched Fantasmic at night, and even saw Captain Jack Sparrow! (no, sadly not Johnny Depp...but a guy they dressed up that looked just like him)

It might sound funny, but I really enjoyed the car rides. Yeah, traffic is lame and with 6 cars, we lost each other a lot...but it was an awesome time for intentional conversations, being silly, playing MASH, blasting music, using walkie-talkies to chat with other cars, using window paint to write/draw fun stuff on our back and side windows, stopping at In N' Out, guys drawing tattoos on themselves, doing Chinese fire-drills, making a rest stop by a herd of cows, and all sorts of car fun like that.

Enjoy the pixs!

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