Saturday, November 25, 2006

Pics from Mom's par-tay

Ok, so I am finally posting pictures from last weekend's 60th birthday celebration for mi madre. The first two are my older sister (Amy) and I at dinner the night before the party. Our family went out to PF Changs and celebrated over lettuce wraps and crispy honey chicken (MMmmmmm). During dinner, another sister (Liz) read a poem for my mom that our aunt had written. Amy and I thought we'd be funny and pretend to cry at how beautiful the poem is. I love my sisters.

The last two pics are myself and Liz the day of the party. We wanted to dress up in the 40's (Liz as "Rosie the Riveter") and 50's (me) to represent the decade my mom was born in and the decade she grew up in. We had a bunch of questions about my mom and we went around in our outfits and asked people. (ie. what was her favorite TV show growing up? What year did she get married? etc) It was a fun way to liven up the festivities. Along with the DJ playing 50's and 60's songs and the yummy food and cake, it was a blast! Love you, Mom!

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