Friday, October 13, 2006

2007 calendars

One of my college students works at the mall, selling calendars in one of those kiosk booths. I went to go visit her today and it was fun to see her all dressed up and helping customers. I was asking her about the kinds of people who come look at the calendars. She started telling me about men who come and pick up the "girl" calendars and spend, like, a HALF HOUR just staring at the back of them. Ewww!

As she was speaking, it happened! A guy walked up and went straight to that section, picked up a 2007 calendar with scantily-clad women on it and turned it around. He seriously stood there looking at it forever! At first my student and I got the giggles. And then the more he just stood there, the more dirty I felt. Like, ewwww for all women everywhere! I felt like I needed to take a cold shower just watching him stare at it. I was SO tempted to just walk up and stand RIGHT next to him, pretending to look at calendars, too...just to make him feel uncomfortable and put the dumb thing down.

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