Thursday, September 07, 2006

Three things

1. My vacay to So. Cal was PERFECT! Just what I needed. It couldn't have come at a better time. The fam and I drove down Wednesday and we went to Disneyland on Thursday. It was not crowded at all. We went on four rides - Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, Jungle Cruise, and Thunder Mountain - within the first hour. It was so awesome. Yes, I got to see Jack Sparrow in the Pirates ride...he is in it 3 times. Loved it. And Barbossa is the captain of the ship that is shooting cannons at the brick wall (if you are familiar with the ride). It was fun to be there with my fam. We went back and forth between D-land and Disney's California Adventure. Our favorite ride at DCA was Soarin' Over California. We also got to see the Aladdin musical at DCA and the genie was hilarious! We ate dinner at a yummy Italian place in Downtown Disney and then headed back into the park to catch a couple more rides and the fireworks.

Friday we drove to the Huntington Beach area because my aunt lives there and my cousin just had a baby boy! He was literally 3 days old when we saw him. Baby Henry. Very cute. My aunt invited people over and we had a BBQ. Then, we drove back up here Saturday. I spent all day Sunday and Monday sleeping and resting which was AMAZING!!! I totally needed it because...

2) The college group started up again last night! Yup, we had our Fall Kick-Off. So now it's non-stop till Christmas. Woohoo! Which is why my vacation came at just the right time. I needed to rest up and have fun before things get nuts this semester. Last night was so fun. I always enjoy spending time with the students (I keep wanting to call them "my students", but they're not mine) =) We had dinner together, introduced student leaders and adult leaders, talked about our mission statement, and looked at events for the fall. The excitement level was really high, which I loved. Yeah for college!

3) Lastly, today was a special day for me. Today is my 1 year anniversary at my church. Exactly one year ago, September 7th, 2005, I came here never having been in ministry, not knowing what the heck I was doing, assisting the College Pastor with the group, and freaking out. And now a year much has happened. I mean, let's be honest...I still freak out sometimes. =) And sometimes I still have no idea what I'm doing. But I'm learning. I've been doing a lot of learning this year and it's been so good. I love that this is my life and this is what I get to do with my life. I wouldn't want anything else.

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