Friday, September 15, 2006

Grey's Anatomy

I really like this show. It's my second fav after LOST. I bought Season 1 in the spring and somehow got all my roomates hooked on it, too. So, for my birthday recently, they all pitched in and bought me season 2. It came in the mail this past week. Season 3 begins next Thursday. That means we have 6 days to watch 27 episodes. Can we do it? Oh heck yes. We are marathon-ing it. In one way, I feel so lazy sitting and watching all these episodes in a row, but it's so dang convenient! There's no commercials and the episodes just go from one to the next. I've heard of people sitting down and doing 5-10 hour marathons of Alias, 24, LOST, etc. So I guess this is our marathon. I don't work on Fridays plus I'm feeling sick, so this is what I will be doing today. And maybe part of tomorrow. Wheeee!!!

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