Friday, June 30, 2006

Dance Dance Revolution

This past week the roomates and I headed to the Boardwalk for "cheap night". (All rides are only 65 cents) After going on the Giant Dipper rollercoaster (and our car stopping on the way up the ramp-scary!), Fireball, and eating lots of cotton candy and ice cream, we headed to the nearby arcade because the ladies really wanted to see Dance Dance Revolution. Dude, do you guys realize how hard-core some people are about that thing? We were watching these guys and they were SO INTO IT. They have obviously spent many quarters and hours perfecting their moves.

And then this one guy got up and put them all to shame. He was amazing. He had every move DOWN. (his picture is above) And after awhile I stopped watching the screen and just looked down at his feet. For a game that is supposed to teach you to dance, you actually look quite silly. If I were to get on a dance floor and bust out the moves I learned from DDR, I would probably get laughed right off the stage. You're honestly just moving your feet in robotic ways while your arms stay at your sides. And there's those weird, awkward pauses while you're waiting for the next arrow to go up the screen. Where's the fun in that!?!

The whole situation struck me as awesomely funny.

(And for those of you who haven't discovered "Ask A Ninja", my new favorite website, click on this link and hear the ninja's thoughts on Dance Dance Revolution. Have fun!)

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